Paul Rana sentenced to Jail

Dedication to helping people led to Mr Paul Rana went to Jail.

Paul Rana worked with paul_rana_australiahelping people for free with cancer back in the year 2000. Getting calls 24 hours a day and working and studying full time to save peoples lives. To time manage he started to do a monthly cancer workshop on the first Sunday of each month.This was great with the whole families getting to understand the program, the pitfalls and to see success stories live with people who had done the program and won!

This worked so well, on the Saturday, he done a public Wellbeing Presentation, and after lunch, he started a two day cancer workshop. This is when people started to pay. The fee was $30.00 a month back then to be a member and attend workshops.

Over the next four years Paul grew a big following after clients he helped became cancer free. Not everyone, who can expect that? But enough to drive his passion. This led to him opening the largest alternative cancer clinic in Australia. Called NuEra Health it was built in a large new rented accommodation in Port Melbourne, Australia. It was built on the inside from the ground up. Paul also designed a franchise – non medical Health and Wellbeing business that would open in a year or so.

10 full time professional staff and 10 part timers, this business was seeing Paul’s goal become a reality. A program that was helping so many people and it was becoming less of just Paul Rana and more of a team effort.

This business had very good structure and business policies, very clear disclaimers of no Guarantee and well trained staff. The wages and rent added up to between $100,000 and $150,000 a month. The whole operational systems were overlooked by a legal team who had given the thumbs up. Mr Rana had plans to expand, and registered a business for selling supplements, a business for franchising and a business name that would be the first Franchised Company.

These companies had not opened or traded when a Melbourne based girl went the media to complain about alternative Therapies and how they waisted thousands on her step father doing the program. Of cause this was a full page story. What the media didn’t know was that just the night before, the sister of the man who passed away visited us, her name if I remember correctly was Helen. The NuEra team and I agreed to give her a full refund. Yes a full refund as we both agreed that because of the step daughters continued interference in her brothers treatment, and the step daughters negativity, he had no hope. He died not even giving the program a proper run because she kept telling him to stop. The problem was so bad we flew down from Queensland a psychologist to help the step daughter settle.

Remember to this point, no one had complained to us about anything we had done, and we had a system that offered a part of full refund to those who requested it and we agreed we fell short on service. We also offered a full refund for 7 days. Requested by consumer affairs a year or so before when they visited the clinic.



The truth no one told you!

Take the time to learn, anyone good in the industry gets discredited and jailed.




Under Attack By The Australian Government!Paul Rana

First Attack after that news article was ACA A Current Affair, at that time hosted by Jana Vendt. They ran the worst possible sympathy campaign designed for ratings. We at the time asked to bring clients on, but they refused.

We had a defamation case against her and channel 9 for the false claims they made against MrRana. The program got such a high rating that they ran the story almost every night for weeks.

Then the next Attack ASIC, the companies register. They paid us a visit and said we had to put the company into voluntary administration because of the bad media.! WHAT! we argued against this but in the end, our legal team said the $25,000 it costs to do that was less then challenging it in the federal court. So we did that.

Then Human Services came, a Gov Body that overlooks health and wellbeing programs. They insisted they had evidence that we were infecting people and that we needed to go into quarantine. WHAT! Anyway, we completed the 21 day program with patients, then we let them have full access. They went through everything and gave us a clean bill of health, in fact they commented at how clean and how well our policy manuals were all up to date.

Then the Harold Sun again ran stories that just have no substance or truth to them. Grieving people I guess wanting to lash out, possibly being paid for the story, I truly don’t know but out of over a thousand people I had worked with, they suddenly had complaints for 4 or 5 people that only one had ever complained to the company. That was a women who we refused back into the clinic because we had complaints from other people about her intrusive nature into there program and life.It went on and on… This is so many years ago, and Paul says that the timing of events may not be correct, but the facts are!

NuEra Closed, the Rana family thought it was over! WRONG!

Then we had 5 BOXES of summonses delivered! 5 BOXES! YES. From The ACCC.
These were all about claims made by Paul and staff about the success of the program and video testimonials. It cost $50,000 to read the documents by a legal team. To Legal defend in court they said would cost around $150,000 plus to defend it and your possibly looking at a fine of a few thousand dollars, the recommendation was not to defend it. They said 90% of what was in the claims was bogus and about 5% was real, against the act, and we needed to take them off the website.

Despite all being true, its against the Law to tell the story if it is not a pear review case or if you are in commerce, making money. Upsets Paul that 50,000 people a week or more being diagnosed and the .03% that look cured are held up as trophies by medico’s… So the company and Paul didn’t defend and got a $180,000 fine. A bit more then a few thousand… WOW!

Now the company closed, under administration, Paul Rana’s choice and final vote in the end. To much bad press and not enough working capital to last the storm. Paul Rana personally rented 3 houses and completed the IV program for 5 people who had paid, and not completed it.
Loosing all records, Paul does not know how they ended up or if any got a benefit, but they all wanted him to stop treating them and defend the case. He put them first. Seeing one man from the five that got that service alive and well 5 years on, made it all worth it on his last trip to Australia. YES! he said, they won a battle against me but they didn’t success in killing everyone. Just taking away future stress of those in need, said Paul Rana.

Then the ACCC delivered another set of summonses.
Asking questions about the other companies that had not traded. The main company closed, he ignored these.

For example…

How many employees? NONE

What was the turnover? NONE

What were the names of all people who had purchased? NONE and so on, they had not traded or opened any shops yet. This led to many court cases that Paul attended and defended himself with the help of a man who offered his services for free. A non-legal man. Paul wishes he took his advice to the end in one way, and in another way he explained it didn’t matter what we did, they wanted me heart and down for good.. 8 months of in and out of court. The court was closed for Christmas and the next case would be heard in Feb.

Paul flew to Perth and while there had a call. His son had been arrested. They would leave him in jail unless he handed myself in and stop defending himself. So Paul hoped on the next flight back, handed himself in, and in court commented to Judge North, and I quote… “bend me over judge and do your best, but let my son go free and I will not defend this case.

With that Mr Rana was jailed on remand waiting sentencing. His son was release in 7 days.

That was December 17th, a few days before Paul had a defamation case on against A Current Affair and the day before he was to defend the bankruptcy case, brought on by the ACCC for the $180,000 fine, talk about timing. They plan things so well. “The machine to protect the pharma industry is alive and well in the Australian government. “Paul Rana said.

Paul was no ordinary prisoner, HIS FILE WAS MARKED.
No record of any offense, no details as to why he was in jail on remand, nothing!

This meant he was treated as the worst possible criminal. Hand cuffed and on transporting him in and out of the prison, he was strip searched by the jail officers and also by the federal police. Yes twice going in and coming out. He asked the judge why he could not get legal aid, because he was told each booked in day, at the court was called sentencing. However it was not sentencing is was the case running through my defense to date and was about 10 visits to the court. Every attempt to get legal help was denied.
On or about the 4th month on remand, he was given 6 months jail, for breaching 113A of the trade practices act, not responding to questions asked. On companies that never traded or opened shops. The most before this case that anyone got as a penalty was a $1.250 fine.
“If you new that the most any ever got was a fine, would you waist your time?” Paul Commented! He also said at the last day. Should be on record, the judge asked could he start sentencing from today? “I think he really is just a puppet for the system”.” Paul commented. “Really! What chance do you have? The Government openly saying they don’t like alternative therapists, they employ the judge! They pay the ACCC! and they pay for any legal aid if your lucky to get it!”

Paul Rana jailed

Paul Rana Jailed

Copy of full report 1 Copy of full report 2

Comments from Paul Rana:IMG_2571

So you summed it up well: for not responding to questions, we lost a million dollar defamation case that I couldn’t run because I was in jail, not charged but UN-able to defend myself. Could not defend bankruptcy! I am now not bankrupt!

My clients lost access to a three million dollar alternative cancer facility that only treated people who had been sent home to die after trying or completing traditional therapies and they had failed.

My biggest regret is the pain and suffering my goals caused my family, who should not have been used as prawns in the case by the ACCC. In fact a simple phone call that our website didn’t comply and we would have had that fixed. Why spend 2 million dollars of tax payers money when a phone call could correct it?

The media still run stories about me and the man who was jailed that treated people with cancer. But it was not about cancer, my jailing was because I didn’t answer questions…. nothing to do with therapies, cancer treatment. Nothing at all.

TODAY What am I doing?

Well almost 10 years on, the media still writes stories comparing me to other people who are charged when treating people with cancer, or making stories up that make people think I was involved in things that I was never involved in.

I had an operation and had an injection that caused me to be in intensive care for 6 weeks. During this time I felt like I was going to die. Laying there, heart racing at 150 beets a minuet and they couldn’t stop it…
At that moment I asked if I could do it again would I? asking why I quite? and I made a choice to find a place that has doctors that would support this type of business and a government that was open to it.

Well I hadn’t quite, i just lost my way… 
So once out of the hospital I hoped on a plane to South America, a place I had visited and met a women that today we are married and and I have a daughter. My goal is to open the best alternative wellbeing facility in the world with accommodation.

To treat with a team of highly qualified medical doctors 100 people for free as a pear review trial.

Thats what I am working on today and every day till I die. Helping those in need!
I never wanted anyone to be hurt, my biggest error was trying personally to look after all the clients myself. The new company in South America, I will teach doctors what I know and I have seen, then be the CEO, overlooking all operations and travel the world running workshops and help those who can not travel so far.

In the business of all that stuff, I firstly apologize to my family and friends for getting it wrong,
Secondly to anyone who felt they were short changed by these events that were out of control, sorry.

To the client who felt anger against me, to them I am sorry and feel the pain of every loss myself. Despite some of you working hard to hurt me, at the end of they day you need to move on, as that pain will fester in you and can result in sickness and evan cancer.

Finally to all those seeking the help we offered and you can no longer get it in Australia, sorry, but the medical industry through government have control and don’t want anyone who helps you do alternative therapies in Australia.

The fight with the chiropractic association!
The fight and closing of hyperbaric clinics!
The protection of the medical industry control over everything!

The biggest industries of the world… are
The weapons of war
the medical industry and big pharma,
they control the schools doctors are trained in,
they control the election of government and they control media as they are the biggest spenders of money in that industry.

60 Minutes in Australia had what they said would be the biggest ratings show in Australia when they interviewed some of my clients, me and videoed the clinic before the banks moved in, then the story was pulled.
To positive for Alternative Therapies they said. They didn’t expect that! Cowards!

Today I have lost contact with everyone and enjoying the lovely people in Ecuador, the government who has balls and stands up to the USA unlike the Australian puppets. Due to media having so much controls, this government has also outlawed media from commenting in a way to influence the media, GREAT! Australia and USA call it control but who wants media to dictate who gets in and who doesn’t?

Why didn’t they allow Paul Rana’s Clients to be interviewed? BECAUSE THE TRUTH WOULD HAVE CHANGED THINGS!

Why when Paul agreed to live interviews, ONLY IF HE CAME WITH-OUT CLIENTS!

WHY did 60 min PULL WHAT THEY CLAIMED would have been the highest rating show of all time?

God bless you all, and thanks for reading the story.

Your friend in wellbeing,

Paul Rana 8-}