New Health Industry

Alternative health, or what should be standard Health Industry.paul_rana_australia1.jpg

Looking for people with a passion in the alternative health, or what should be standard Health Industry.

Its my birthday today… I sit and question my goals. See, I want to build an Alternative Therapies Hospital. It will have a new type of Doctor. Ive done the hard yards, Ive put the share offer together. Ive found the land. It is 200 acres and 50 acres can be subdivided to pay for the whole project. Once open and operating, I have put together all the franchise documentation for health shops that offer a combination of well-being services like hyperbaric oxygen, colonics, massage, diet and nutritional advice and so on…

But it seems that I am the only person with a passion to bring about change in this industry. Can you imagine going to a N.D. Nature Doctor, and instead of drugs, he writes a basic nutritional program for you, then refers you so colonic irrigation, massage and chiropractic adjustments….

Anyway a dream that I guess I may take to my grave!…

If there is anyone that can value add to this goal, I would love to here from you. I am located in Ecuador. 15 years I have specialized in alternative therapies for cancer. I want to build a health retreat on 200 acres that overlooks the ocean from a distance. I want to attract like minded people to form a board and help me achieve this goal… If anyone reading this feels the need please lets do it!

What crowdfunding offers
1) Shares- equity sales 2) Future services 3) Donations 4) Raffle property for sale

Create a board of helpers would be a great first start… and something I know I need.
Again, any input or help appreciated!
Paul Rana