Interview on Cesium High pH Therapy

My interview with Paul Rana at Atlantis

Since Paul Rana has 15 years of excellence and kahuna (expertise). On accounts of such dedication and experience his own suggestion is no less than the above discussion that High pH Therapy aka IV Cesium Therapy has shown great results.
He however does things a little different. Instead of relying on the cesium treatment alone, Mr Rana combines cesium treatment with the other TOP 4 CANCER TREATMENTS to give the cancer patient the best possible outcome. This has seen his patients in some cases getting well and back to normal lives, and others having much longer to live and less pain.
That’s all a good doctor or practitioner can asks for.
• 15 years of using these targeting cancer therapies: IV Cesium Treatment aka High PH Therapy combines also with Returned Ozone Treated Blood IV, IV Vitamin C Therapy, Vitamin B-17 also called IV Laetrile, IV Medical Grade Hemp and DMSO combines also with other therapies at the Atlantis Salud Spa S.A. Ecuador such as;

The above are referred to as targeted therapies; they are then complemented with
• Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
• Massage using local Massage Therapists
• Digital Infrared Thermal Imaging
• Q2 Energy Spa
• Stress and emotional Support
• Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy
• Colonic Hydro-Therapy
• Live blood viewing
• The Garson coffee enema protocol
• The eat to your blood type Diet
These above are the complementary therapies, they are life force and energy increasing therapies that help the client survive the journey and enhance the therapies and in some cases increase appetite and reduce pain. REF Paul Rana

Last thing I think is important, at Atlantis Salud Spa they help people all over the world, with a Home Phone Support Program. Yes they review all your blood work and reports and write up your program, and follow you up on a skype call. They are English speaking people, and they care. I have seen them in action. Make contact and get a FREE Consultation today by filling in the on-line form-CLICK HERE.

God Bless,
Mr John Bass
Med Student

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