GcMAF & Autistic Children

Hi there,

I came across your website and was wondering if your clinic has any information on GcMAF therapy for autistic children. I’m reading reports that GcMAF can help but don’t have a reliable source confirming or denying this 100%. Any info on this??

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Sam Sayy



Hi Sam,

Hello, yes I have done a lot of work with it, only in the area I specialize in, Cancer.

Can you tell me a little about the person that is autistic and I will share with you some information if I think it will help.

I helped someone 10 years ago…



Hi Dr. Pablo

Thank you so much for replying back! My son was diagnosed with autism and is showing all the symptoms associated with this diagnosis of being autistic. Delayed speech, repetitive actions, starting to show signs of obsessive compulsive disorder as well.

We do have 3 specialists working with him on weekly basis trying to address these issues: Behavioral, speech and social therapy yet from reading about GcMAF and how many doctors have been successful in their trials (Dr. Udell, Dr. Bradstreet and more) we’d like to see if this would be a way to go with trying to treat my son.

Any information would be very helpful Dr. Pablo

Thank you,

Sam Sayy


Hi Again,

I am not a MED Doctor, a naturapath.

I used a combination of liquid nutritional products and sound therapy.
I only helped for a few months.

This mother came to me and I thought she had been in a fight, black eyes and looked so bad.

It turns out she wanted to adopt a child, and went through all the processes.

Found a healthy little boy, and once settled in Australia, he was required to have the std injections before school.
He became autistic with-in days of the injection.

So this leads me to believe that it is caused by a contamination in injections. What? I do not know.

Anyway he was really a bad case with no talking or eye contact or interaction at all. His mother done what you are doing but they saw no change in 12 months.

I put the boy on some liquid nutritional products and started sound therapy. for the first time he slept!
The black eyes of the mother was from no sleep. He would just go on and on and on… 24 hours a day…

With-in 7 days he would sit on her knee while she read…
With-in 14 days he was making sounds and almost saying words…

His behavior in the couple of months I was seeing him continued to improve. I got so busy with people with cancer I never followed up.
I went to there home because to bring him to our clinic was impossible.

So to answer your question… GcMAF

It is in our blood and you can have a test done to see if he has high levels, if he doesn’t I recommend GcMAF as well as other nutrition.

I would inhale it. The closer to the location of the problem the better the results, so a small injection as well as a ventilator.

I can look for the sound discs also, but it has been years and will take a while.

If the contamination is mercury, the second most poisonous element next to radiation that they put into injection to preserve them, then Vit C would also be needed as this takes heavy metals out of the body.
If you have money, I have also heard hyperbaric oxygen therapy is a great help. The best thing is to buy one as it costs up to $100 an hour for treatment. 2 hours a day 3 days a week. or daily while you read a book to him. Two people can fit in the chambers… see our website for details of the mobile one, http://www.atlantis-salud-spa.com

I hope this is a small help in your big challenge.

Can I have permission to post this on my website? no emails of cause…


Your friend in health,



Thank you so much Dr. Pablo. This was very very helpful. Now as far as testing. Can this be performed here in the US? Can we request a test for GcMAF? Also, let’s say if his GcMAF levels are low, where can we buy it from since every website that advertises it seems to have been in trouble or is not recommended by many. Any ideas?

Yes, please go ahead and post this email without any identifying information please.

Thank you Dr. Pablo



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