Ecuador Beaches Safety

Hi everyone,

The beaches in Ecuador are like Australia. Ecuador has some of the best surf and long beautiful beaches.


I do not want to take away from that thought, but if you have moved here or live local please read this post for safety.

Just a quick note to our friends and visitors in Ecuador.

The beaches on the coast lately have been calm on the surface and extremely high and low tides.
It gives the feeling of safety.

Can I make a recommendation.

Do not go swimming alone.
Make sure someone on the beach knows you are in the water.

Something we learn in Australia is under-tides. The water looks calm on the top but the drag outwards, under the water is so strong you can not swim against it.

Exhaustion is the killer.
If you try to swim in and can not, then swim side ways. OR FLOAT! and put a hand up for help.

It is not about your strength, it is about understanding the under-rip. (PULL OF THE OCEAN)

3 people have died this year in MontaƱita that I know of.
All were not from Ecuador.
One was the first life guard they appointed here.
The last yesterday was a man from Mexico that floated on shore.

Please be safe, stay in groups and remember, calm waters are not always safe waters. Keep the children close in.

Prevention is better then cure.
Some video’s to help you understand.

I hope this helps,

Paul Rana